Otok Vis od kopna je najudaljeniji hrvatski otok. Smješten je u srednjo-dalmatinskom arhipelagu, a iako nevelik površinom, obiluje prirodnim ljepotama. Obala mu je bogato razvedena pa je od prirode obdaren mnogim uvalama, rtovima i otočićima.

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BIŠEVO – the island is in the south-east of Vis, 5 n/m from Komiža, with surface of 6 km²  with the top Stražbenica, 240 m high.  The coast is 14 km long, usually steep and unreachable with dozen coves. Mezuporat, Salbunara and Porat have small piers. Its villages are: Mezuporat, Poje, Velo Gora, Nevaja, Potok, Gornja and Donja (Upper and Lower) Salbunara and Porat very rarely inhabited except during summer. The people live on wine-growing and fishing, so all visitors to Biševo can enjoy high quality of the Plavac mali (Biševo blue) wine. In Poje, there is an abandoned old school and the St Silverster’s church from 11th century.  Mezoporat (Mezuporat) – a cove with a pebble beach on the east side of Biševo reachable by the regular boat line from Komiža. It is also a departing place for the Blue Cave.

Porat – a west side cove with a beautiful sandy beach and a few  restaurants above.

Salbunara – (Sarbunora) – a cove to the northern side of Porat where you can still find a little smaller sandy beach with rich pinetree shadows above.

There is a regualar boat line with Komiža, and during summer, there are several excursion lines from Komiža. You can find private accomodation there.  

 MONK-SEAL’S CAVE – on the southern steep and unreachable side of the Trešjavac cove (16 m long & 14 m wide). The Mediterranean monk-seal used to inhabit the cave which got the name after it.

 BLUE CAVE – the best known sight of the island, situated in the Baluni cove in the east, well known to our fishermen since the early times. It was opened to public by the suggestion of baron Eugen Rensoneta in 1884.You can  enter the cave 24 m long, 12 m wide and 16 m deep only by a small boat through a narrow passage 1,5 m high and 2,5 m wide. It got its name after the sun reflection from its south side which gives it dark blue colour up the water andsilver-blue underwater. This phenomenon of beauty can be seen from 11 -12 a.m.

In case of a bad weather the entrance is closed.

Tickets: 40 kn (in the cove Mezoporat)




Tel: +385 (0)91 509 9238

– departures from Komiža at 8:00 daily

return from Biševo at 18:00.

In case of bad weather, there are no departures.

Round trip: 50 kn


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