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 PALAGRUŽA is a group of isles, in the middle of the Adriatic sea, 68 n/m south from Split, 43 n/m south of Komiža. Its name originates from the Greek pelagos ; open sea, because it is the farthest group of isles which isle Galijula is  southernmost point of Croatia.

The biggest isle, Vela Palagruža (Big Palagruža) is 1330 m long and about 300m wide. Its top is 91 m high with a two-apartment lighthouse built in 1875, the second largest in the Adriatic with the light seen 26 miles away.

Two walking paths go to Stara Vlaka, a pebble cove in the north, and to Velo Žalo or Južno Zlato (Southern Gold) in the south, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic. There is an archeological site with valuable artefacts pointing out that Palagruža was the island of Diomedes, a Greek hero supposedly buried there. The island is a natural resort with endemic flora and fauna species; the richest fishing area in the Adriatic with crucial role in the fishing past of Komiža (the first fishermen in the whole Adriatic). The south coast of Palagruža and the Galijula isle (3n/m south of Palagruža) are especially good for underwater fishing. The underwater world has some secrets making divers happy to reveal – a boat wreck and a medieval galley. There are no regular lines, you can reach it by a private  boat. The accomodation is offered in the two-apartment lighthouse.



Hrvoje Mandekić

Plovput d.o.o. – Split

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Tel: +385 (0)21 390 609

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Lokacija: Palagruža, otok Vis

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