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BRUSNIK is a an uninhabited volcanic isle of 3ha surface , 12n/m west from the island of Vis. It is 23 m high, 200 m long and 150 m large. Its name comes from volcanic rocks  used by the Vis people for grinding their tools. Its eastern steep rocks swoop down into the sea.

On the west coast, there is a bay where it is possible to beach a fishing boat. Its  waters are very rich with fish  so fishermen used to come there very often. Lobster  basins  can be still seen  – it is a special place for keeping lobsters from the times when the people lived only on fish and sea. The sea-basins are made as little lakes. The sea is always fresh there because it easily penetrates the porous pebbles in which these basins are scooped out. It rarely warms up over the limit.

There is no transport to the island so you can only come by some boat or by an excursion  boat  arranged in Komiža.

It is protected by the law, so it is not allowed to put the flora and fauna in any kind of danger. It especially applies to “dubrovačka zečina” (Centaurea ragusina) an endemic plant and a black lizard (Lacerta taurica melisellensis).

Lokacija: Brusnik, otok Vis

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